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Excess 14 Series #2 Structural bulkheads

Sailing sensations are more than a concern for Excess, they have become an obsession! One of the keys to significantly improve sensations is the global boat stiffness.


Put simply, the stiffer a catamaran, the more the energy brought by a wind gust will be converted into acceleration, rather than platform torsion. If this stiffness is reached without additional weight, then it is pure benefice. The boat will be more agile, reactive and more fun to sail…


On the Excess 14, our architects VPLP design have pushed further the structural studies, and identified the most ‘strategic’ bulkheads to improve global stiffness.


We made the choice, for those bulkheads, to open building possibilities and work on new structural solutions, to improve boat stiffness without adding mass.


More details in the video…

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