About the Lab

The Excess Lab gives you the opportunity to join our Design Team, to interact with our specialists and naval architects. You will discover the features they are currently working-on and you will be invited to participate in the decision making process when selecting the options we will feature on our next Excess catamarans.


  • Thibaut de Montvalon

    Thibaut de Montvalon

    Brand Director

    Passionate about sailing since childhood, Thibaut joined the professional world of boating at the age of 19. Then in 2018, he spent six months at sea with his family, sailing a catamaran in the South Pacific. He took the helm of the Excess brand in 2019, much to the delight of our teams!

  • Hervé Piveteau

    Hervé Piveteau

    Product Manager

    A naval architect with a nautical background that includes a mix of dinghy racing, cruising and ocean racing, Hervé has been working for Groupe Bénéteau for over twenty years. The Excess brand relies heavily on his precious knowledge! Today, he still sails competitively, but also does deliveries, not forgetting cruising with his family and friends.

  • Bruno Belmont

    Bruno Belmont

    Catamaran expert

    Bruno has been with the Group for over 30 years now. He started sailing at a very young age in Brittany, first on dinghies, then on Half Tonners, Formula 40s and trimarans. He has crossed the Atlantic several times and has taken part in the Admiral's Cup and also the 1995 America's Cup. Bruno is our catamaran expert!  

  • Théo Le Lay

    Théo Le Lay

    EMEA Sales Manager

    Théo started sailing at an early age. After 10 years of competitive sailing, he joined an ocean racing team as an occasional crew member aboard an Imoca for two years. He is now supporting Excess' development, having joined the sales team in 2023!

  • Claire Guiraud

    Communications Project Manager

    Claire's studies in marketing and communications initially led her into the luxury goods sector, but in 2022, she joined the Excess team. A keen scuba diver, Claire was used to spending more time under the water than on it... but things change!

How does it work?

You will find in the Lab sneak peeks of what is happening behind the scenes. Our designers, naval architects and specialists are always looking to improve our catamarans and are always in search of innovation. This is where our members of the Excess Lab become the stars of the show.  We need your ideas and feedback to go further, farther. 

Many topics will be posted on the Lab in order for you to comment on. Your comments will kick off discussions between the Lab members and the Excess Team which will be source of knowledge and inspiration to create together. 

By creating your account in the Lab you will have access to comment on any post but also propose new topics.  

As the teams behind the Lab are the same as those working on the catamarans of tomorrow, we thank you for your patience: we will do our best to respond quickly to all your comments and questions. Thank you in advance for your future contributions!


Concretely, what can you do on the Lab as a member?


    Comment and discuss with our team and other members existing topics. Participate in the decision making process when selecting the options that we will feature on our next Excess catamarans.


    You have an idea which you think should be developed and materialized on a future cruising catamaran? Propose new topics for our team to investigate or develop.


    Fill in surveys and make a change by giving to our product conception team your thoughts, ideas and needs.


    Receive personal invitations for the Excess events as well as for events only for the members of the Lab.