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First of all, congratulations on the work you’ve done and thank you for giving the floor to the users/dreamers :)

In the same line as the modularity of the forward part of the owner's hull which can be used either as an additional cabin with double berth or as a dressing room for the owners, how about making the aft cabin of the port hull modular as well?

When the owners don’t have any guests on board, this cabin is either not used or serves as additional storage space. I propose to go further by giving them the option of transforming this cabin into an office, either by having a bed that lifts up to the ceiling (revealing the desk), or a bed that folds in two (lengthways or widthways) to become a desk. This would allow owners to have a functional and dedicated office space when they don't have a guest on board. With the rise of the “digital nomad” and remote working, this modularity could be very popular.

In any case, you are very much pioneers in this, having understood that modularity on board catamarans is the next evolutionary step for this category of boat. Congratulations again.


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December 14, 2022
Bonjour je trouve l idée de cette cabine convertible en zone de stockage la meilleure trouvaille de ces derniers temps dans la fabrication de bateaux de grande série
Propriétaire d un Sun odyssey 419 ce concept devrait pouvoir s adapter également aux monocoques
Bravo pour cette idée novatrice,facile,simple
Bonne nav
December 9, 2022
Love this idea - maybe its more like a desk that can be turned into a bed?
I coud imagine the desk top being folded in two halves one folded over the other. maybe use a high-end air-mattress rather than foam to make storage easier. I have been substituting and using two ThermaRest 4 inch edition on top of each other in the boat for a while as its far more comfortable than the 2007 mattress in my monohull LOL. im sure ThermaRest could be convinced to make a excess special-limited-edition.. OR simply make a edge that screws onto the desk edge and hold the airmatress in place.. bam. done.
December 9, 2022
1 answer
Bonsoir tout le monde, ayant naviguer sur le tout nouveau Excess 14, je vous confirme que cette modularité de l'espace tribord est top ! aucun autre fabricant ne propose cette possibilité ! de plus il y a un bureau déjà assez vaste dans la cabine propriétaire , n'est-ce pas suffisant pour un Nomad digital ?
cet Excess Lab est super intéressant en tout cas ! Bonne navigation à tous et à toutes !
Enjoy catamaran
December 23, 2022
Hello à tous, en effet la partie bureau me semble déjà assez grande, d'autant qu'aujourd'hui pour les "travailleurs nomades" un PC ou Mac portable, un combo imprimante / scanner suffisent la plupart du temps (c'est en tout cas le cas pour nous). Et je suis d'accord que la partie avant dressing / rangement nous a séduit bien plus qu'une douche italienne et autre double vasque... la possibilité d'y stocker nos vélos, planche de kite / wing, les ailes, le matos de plongée sec est bien plus utile. D'autant que cet espace devrait facilement pouvoir répondre au besoin de zone technique / établi qui oblige souvent à condamner complétement une cabine dans les catas concurrents... là c'est déjà là et c'est modulable: parfait !
December 9, 2022
Excellent idea Mathieu. I understand Herve's concern and probably it is hard to make the entire space available for moving around. At the same time a proper table with space for a chair would make work on board so much more comfortable. You definitely have a very good point.

December 9, 2022
3 answers
Merci beaucoup pour cette suggestion concernant la modularité a bord, et les façons malines de répondre aux besoins du ‘boat office’.

Il est certain que rendre une cabine arrière modulable pour faire soit cabine, soit bureau, est séduisante. Cela permettrait d’offrir un espace bureau assez vaste, avec de la hauteur sous barrot, et surtout une vue mer avec deux hublots !

De plus, ce ‘bureau’ serait relativement isolé, donc assez calme, et dans une zone qui bouge peu en navigation (en tout cas moins qu’une cabine avant).

Du côté des complexités, la cabine arrière abrite aujourd’hui, sous le lit, un certain nombre d’équipements techniques (réservoir gasoil, batteries, chauffe-eau, éventuellement clim).

Dans le cas d’un lit modulable, il faudrait trouver un autre emplacement pour ces éléments.
Mais rendre les aménagements plus flexibles et malins est un challenge quotidien pour nous, donc avant de se trouver des excuses, il faut chercher des solutions ! ;-)

Merci beaucoup donc pour vos inputs, que l’on ajoute immédiatement dans notre large boite à idées… !


Thank you very much for your suggestion involving modularity on board, and the clever ways of meeting the needs of the ‘boat office’.

Certainly, making an aft cabin modular so that it could be either a cabin or an office is an attractive idea. It would allow us to offer a fairly large office space, with headroom, and not forgetting a sea view with the two windows!

What’s more, this ‘office’ would be relatively separate and isolated, so quite quiet, and in an area that moves little when under way (at least, less than a forecabin)
As for the complexities, the space beneath the bed in the aft cabin currently houses a certain amount of technical equipment (diesel tank, batteries, water heater, and possibly air conditioning)
To install a modular bed, we would need to find another location for each of these elements.

But making the layout more flexible and clever is a daily challenge for us, so before finding excuses, we have to look for solutions ;-)

So thank you very much for your input, which we’ve immediately added to our ever-expanding box of ideas...!

December 31, 2022
It may be easier to have a small office in the forward port cabin . Guests always go in the stern cabin first anyway. 2 x single mattress could be put ti 1 side and the bed base used as a desk .
However I would like to know if a washing machine could be installed in the front port cabin ?
December 31, 2022
Also are you able to say roughly what size the new 13 will be ?
The 11 is smaller than my lagoon 40 and the 14 is too expensive !! A 40 - 41 foot boat would be ideal.
Ps . Love the owners cabin on the 14, actually my wife loves the hanging and storage space more. Great idea .
Also love the low boom and sail area to increase performance 👏.
January 5, 2023
Hello David, and thanks for those two contributions!
I fully agree with you, converting a forward cabin into an 'office + berths' area may be more feasible (and convenient in order to leave the aft one available for guests).
Concerning the washing machine, which boat are you talking about? In the 14 we have a dedicated space, compatible with washing machine, in the starboard companionway.
Concerning your last question, we do have the 12 in the range today, which is comparable in size to your Lagoon 14, and of course, there is potential room between the 12 and the 14 for another model in the future, but not much to disclose for the moment...
Stay tuned, and enjoy 2023 with Excess !!