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Community Contribution - Bunk beds in the foredeck cabin

Community Contribution - Bunk beds in the foredeck cabin

Hello Excess Team,

I would be pleased if you would consider offering bunk beds in the foredeck cabin as an order option. When crew members have to share the forward cabin, it often gets very "cosy". This is not a problem with couples, of course, but often a challenge with charter guests who don't know each other. With bunk beds, everyone has their own space.

If you are travelling with a smaller crew, the bunk beds have another very good use, because you can use the beds to bunker your supplies. Two large shelves help to store things neatly and you can always get to them quickly.

And then there is the third benefit. In a 4-cabin version, you could even position the washing machine in the same place as in the owner's version. You would only have to make sure that you could fold up the lower bunk bed.

I hope you are just as convinced by the idea and look forward to the exchange.

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September 15, 2021
Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for this constructive contribution to the Excess Lab.
Forepeak accommodation and layouts are often very classical. Raising any alternative idea is welcome!
On top of that, the pros you point out are quite relevant; it’s a pleasure receiving such proposals.

Let us try to challenge the idea, what could be the downsides?

Available volume:
Although modern hulls tend to become fuller, the available length and width generally decrease when you move a berth down in the forepeak. It may be a challenge to place 2 real bunk beds in the smaller Excess catamarans.

In most cases, the full size berth participates in the structure of the hull, dividing this natural ‘frame’ would probably lead to more material (hence more weight) in the hull sides.

It is true that sharing a double berth with a stranger may be annoying, but if we go further, sharing the cabin itself may be annoying…
On cats, where -luckily- we can provide two forepeak cabins, the ideal solution is to offer each crew a dedicated double berth, isn’t it?

Washing machine:
Washing machine in the forepeak is a solution I have personally experimented (in my past life in monohulls). Although it is technically feasible, I really see this as a “worse case solution” when you have no alternative.
Indeed, this locates the washing machine in the most shacked area, where it may rapidly suffer from early fatigue.
On top of that, the weight of the machine positioned so far forward, will affect the boats inertia in waves.
Last but not least: the machine has to be dimensioned... by the deck hatch aperture…!

Beds as shelves:
You’re fully right, bulk beds are ideal for storage, I can’t see any downside with this practical arrangement…

To try and sum up, I’d say your idea looks completely feasible, especially on the bigger models. It has many advantages and some weak points, I guess the idea would bring more advantages to a monohull, but is worth considering anyway on our cats…
Looking forward to reading more of your inputs, thanks again four your contribution.

Best regards,
Hervé Piveteau
September 15, 2021
Maybe a pullman berth on the top bunk. Or something inspired on hammocks.
September 15, 2021
convertible beds and bunk beds are always a better use of space. maybe being able to remove the mattresses and have extra space for provisions is great. you cant create space for 4 with sliding curtains.
September 15, 2021
Bonjour, ça peut être une idée, mais qui n'entre pas dans mon programme.
September 14, 2021
4 answers
Une question : c'est réservé à la version 4 cabines ?
September 15, 2021
Dear Delobel, forepeak cabins are available on all excess models, whichever the accommodation version
September 15, 2021
thank you
February 24, 2022
Bonjour, donc possible sur l’excess 11, 3 cabines, je ne vois pas l’option ?
March 11, 2022
En fait, ce ne sont pas des bunk beds. Une cabine skipper est proposée sur l'Excess 11 mais ce ne sont pas des lits super posés. L'option est appellée: Couchette dans pointe avant.
Il est possible d'avoir l'Excess 11 avec 3 cabines. En revanche, il n'est pas possible d'avoir des lits superposés. Voici le lien vers le plan d'aménagement:
https://excess-catamarans.com/fr/nos-catamarans/excess-11#planamenagement .