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Hello Excess team.

I'm answering your topic on aft transoms. I think that a folding aft platform, like many monohulls today, would be interesting, whether for docking or for going aboard a dinghy and integrating a swim ladder for swimming. But also for safety on board, these platforms will prevent objects from falling overboard by closing the gap between the helm seat and the deck. Of course, some aesthetic work will have to be done to integrate it into the Excess style.

Best regards.

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Les voyages de Skiboo
January 22, 2024
Excellent sujet et Projet.. comme Dom (Daé), je prêche aussi pour que cela soit intégrable sur nos modèles.. juste une question Hervé, quid de l'implantation de l'échelle avec les jupes relevables ?
A bientôt en mars
January 20, 2024
Bonjour à tous,
Je trouve effectivement cette idée très pertinente ! Il faudrait également qu'elles puissent être montées sur les modèles déjà en service ! Je prêche pour ma paroisse !!!
Bonne journée
January 20, 2024
Hi Herve,

I like this concept.

I think it a tidy method to add space and will make launching and recovering SUP, wingfoil etc much easier.
Also I think boarding and disembarking it tender whilst at anchor will be easier for those who have less flexibility.

Initially I thought that it might be a problem for stern to docking, but thinking about it some more it offers an easy to replace sacrificial part if things go wrong and hard contact with the dock is made. Perhaps the aft part of the extension could be edged with a rubber buffer. Some thought would need to be given to how it would interact with a gangplank.

Keep the original ideas coming ;-)

All the best,

January 20, 2024
I like a lot this solution: easy, nice to have longer platforms. Maybe in a close future Excess will design a aftermarket accessory…..
Roberto excess 14 #22
January 19, 2024
Hello Herve

It might not be polite to mention a competitor, but HH-catamarans has shown such a cleaver solution on the HH44.

Br. Jan L
January 19, 2024
Hello Gérald and thank you very much for your contribution!

It’s true that monohull-type folding aft transom are a great way of improving access to the water without lengthening the boat.

And the point you make about making the cockpit safer when under way is a bonus that’s not to be underestimated at all - especially at Excess, with our aft-set helm stations!

On rereading the various feedback and testimonials, this solution is one that ticks the most boxes...
All that remains is to envisage how it could be implemented, both aesthetically and in terms of ease of use. In the spirit of Excess, the solution should be simple, aesthetic and affordable.

It’s probably not as easy to integrate as it would be on a monohull, but it’s a subject that will fascinate our architects and design office.

So thank you very much for putting a case forward, your arguments for which are an excellent basis for reflection for forthcoming models!

Best regards,

Hervé Piveteau - Product Manager - Excess Catamarans


Bonjour Gérald et merci beaucoup pour cette contribution !

C’est vrai que les jupes rabattables type monocoque répondent très bien au besoin d’améliorer l’accès à la mer sans allonger le bateau.

Et le point que vous soulignez, la sécurisation du cockpit en navigation, est un bonus qui n’est pas du tout négligeable - Surtout chez Excess avec nos postes de barre reculés !

À la relecture des différents retours et témoignages, cette solution est une de celles qui cochent le plus de cases…
Reste en effet à imaginer son implantation, aussi bien esthétiquement qu’en termes de simplicité de manipulation. Pour rester dans l’esprit d’Excess, cette solution devrait rester simple, esthétique et abordable.

C’est probablement moins facile à intégrer que sur un monocoque, mais c’est un sujet qui peut passionner nos architectes et notre bureau d’études.

Merci beaucoup donc de vos arguments, qui sont une excellente base de réflexion pour nos prochains modèles !


Hervé Piveteau – Chef de produit - Excess Catamarans